The CSA Summit: “Email Just For You”

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The CSA Summit will be held for the sixth time in 2019. Here, international experts will support marketers and technical experts through a wide range of inputs on the topic of email. Some topics will be discussed in greater depth in workshops on the following day.

Under the banner of “Email Just For You”, the 2019 Summit will focus on the following questions: 

  • What will KPIs look like in email marketing in the age of artificial intelligence?
  • How can customer feedback be efficiently integrated into email campaigns?
  • What are mailbox providers currently working on to make emails even more relevant and to support e-commerce?

The Agenda is now final and confirmed. Meet key players from the email industry who will address the topic Email - Just For You:

  • Marcel Becker, Director Product, Verizon Media Group
  • Dr. Conny Junghans, Senior Data Science Product Manager, 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH
  • John Levine, Owner, Standcore LLC; Member, ICANN SSAC; Ambassador, UASG
  • Mark Robbins, Product Management Senior Manager, Salesforce
  • and many more high-profile speakers!

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) is a project from eco – Association of the Internet Industry, which was created in cooperation with the German Dialogmarketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband – DDV) in 2004. With more than 1000 members, eco is the largest Internet industry association in Europe. The DDV is the largest national consortium of dialog marketers in Europe.

The CSA acts as a neutral interface between mailbox providers and senders of commercial e-mails.


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