Strategies for success


10 ideas on how to leave the competition behind

Elżbieta Sawczuk   Sell it in English 6/2019 On-line only Open access

You aren’t always selling products and services that you have influence over. The competition has lower prices, more choice, and you can’t entice the customer with discounts, promotions or freebies, because your company’s policy doesn’t allow it. In such cases, I often hear from salespeople that it's not their fault that the customers don’t buy. What if you find an idea for differentiating yourself from the competition...?


Value Proposition, Elevator pitch and USP – what is the difference?

Nicola Lutz   Sell it in English 6/2019

In sales and marketing, it’s important to know your carrots. We seem to focus on the easiest - the USPs, Unique Selling Propositions, and it is indeed important to know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, don’t forget to check up on your elevator pitch. And if you want to grow, you are going to need to define your value proposition too. So, what is the difference?


Post-meeting critique

Nicola Lutz   Sell it in English 6/2019

In sales we are usually an optimistic, positive bunch. We like to look on the bright side, and if we didn’t then we probably wouldn’t follow up any “cool” leads, make as many calls or try and break new markets. However, we also bounce back well from a “no” and a meeting that didn’t go so well.


The CSA Summit: “Email Just For You”

Sell it in English 6/2019 On-line only Open access

The CSA Summit will be held for the sixth time in 2019. Here, international experts will support marketers and technical experts through a wide range of inputs on the topic of email. Some topics will be discussed in greater depth in workshops on the following day.

Meet me, like me, trust me, and pay me

Karol Froń   Sell it in English 5/2018 On-line only
In a world where the client can only pay attention to one message for eight seconds, you have to stand out. So, if you do not immediately give him a reason to get to know you better, you’ll lose your chance to establish a collaboration. Can you afford it, with the competition breathing down your back? In this article I’ll show you how to acquire clients and sell services on the local market using a few simple actions.

Life cycle of product strategy - how marketing can help in sales

In marketing there is a concept of the product life cycle. Products, just like people, are born, conquer the market, live and die. Most of us remember VHS tapes, film cameras or floppy disks, which now have virtually no use. At the same time, novelty items appear every day, like a phone with face recognition or 3D printers, which we could only dream about a dozen years ago. How does the product life cycle affect sales?


Using referrals to gain leads

Nicola Lutz   Sell it in English 5/2018

Referrals are an often-ignored part of the sales process, which is a bit daft, really. A referral is a ready-made lead for you, has ‘trust’ written all over it from an existing client, is more likely to convert to a sale and has a longer sales life span. So why is it missed out of the strategy? When did we become all shy?


Decide on time, time to decide

Have you ever had a situation when you were sure that the client would buy a product/service from you, and then in the end they decided to go with the competition, or not to buy at all? How did you react in that situation? Sad, angry, insulted? Or maybe you tried to find out the reasons for this decision so you can react better in the future?