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Closing sales on the B2B market

Closing transactions, for example by signing a contract, is just the icing on the cake. If the previous stages of the sales conversation were good, then finalization is a natural consequence. If you don’t finalize transactions, the problem often comes from one of the previous stages, so closing sales, despite being the shortest stage of the entire process, requires many different skills.


Negotiations in practice: Analysis of negotiating positions

Negotiations, understood as a communication process aimed at getting an agreement, are an essential tool in the work of a sales person. Without having some degree of negotiation skills, no seller should even dream of being successful. And although, in practice, the success of a transaction is often determined by just one factor, such as price, it is worth knowing how to prepare for negotiation, how to recognise negotiating positions and how to use this knowledge in the whole sales process.


Speak for success. How to speak about your product and sell it

A product or a service – it does not matter what you sell, as long as you are able to show your prospect that the product or a service you offer will make the whole world of difference in their lives. And regardless of the sales technique you use, one thing is critical to your sales – the language that you use. Since you may only have one opportunity to talk to a customer before their purchase, it is imperative that you communicate effectively. What, then, are the critical components of successful sales in this respect?


The right questions at the right time

Szymon Lach   Sell it in English 3/2018
At all sales training sessions, coaches use the mantra: “Ask questions, ideally open questions.” Using this principle, and being a young salesperson myself, I’ve asked customers a lot of questions, and I haven’t sold much. Now I know where I made a mistake. And that’s why I decided to write this article.