Will they buy, or won't they?


When arriving at a sales meeting, every salesperson has the same question in their head. Armed with appropriate knowledge and experience, they’ll quickly find out the answer during the presentation. Using several factors as an example, we’ll show how to interpret and respond to customer behavior in order to finalize sales.

As in every field, continuous development - especially of soft skills - is one of the keys to sales success. Well-honed skills allow for positive, beneficial communication with the client. And that’s what sales are about.


Objections may bring about all kinds of customer behavior that get in the way of closing sales. That’s why many salespeople are afraid of objections and deal with them with great difficulty. Meanwhile, objections are just the customer’s more-or-less-conscious doubts. They give us an opportunity to correct the product presentation, they also show the customer’s interest. Doubtful customers may often be called difficult; however, the most experienced salespeople say that sales start with “no”.

There are many reasons for objections, the most important of which are:

  • price too high or quality too low,
  • unwillingness or inability to make quick decisions,
  • no formal competences,
  • lack of awareness of one’s own needs or lack of awareness of the benefits that the purchase can bring.

The most important thing about objections is that they signal which part of the presentation did not convince the customer. To overcome them, you need to combine several actions:

  • listening carefully to the client and what they say about their doubts,
  • showing understanding,
  • taking objections seriously, asking for details, and paraphrasing to be sure you understand,
  • repeating the benefits of purchasing the product,
  • making sure the objection was overcome,
  • changing perspectives - after further explanation, the client’s doubts become benefits.


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