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Results under control

The sales funnel is a tool that allows you to organize the sales process, qualify individual leads and direct your activities to those of them that create the greatest sales opportunities. In many companies, the management of the sales funnel is the manager’s domain, but an effective salesperson has to be aware of what their funnel looks like and how to analyze it to become more effective. Elżbieta Sawczuk in the article “Results under control - managing the sales funnel” explains how to work with your funnel every day and which factors require special attention to improve its tightness.

Being a salesperson means, inter alia, having a lot of data to manage. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can be really helpful in this process. “It is the hub where all of that client data comes to life and can be made meaningful” – writes Graham Richardson in his article "How CRM can help salespeople boost their results”. If you would like to master in managing your relationships with clients, read this text carefully – you’ll find a lot of practical tips there!

Every salesperson knows the true meaning of saying ‘time is money’. This is because salespeople do not get paid in terms of the numbers of hours they put in. They are paid to produce results. And this means that every minute they spend not engaging in high-gain selling activities represents lost opportunities and, what follows, lost revenue. How to manage your time at work properly? Katarzyna Muzyczyszyn can teach you some tricks in her feature “Time management skills: a key to greater productivity in sales”. Try it yourself!

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