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no. 8/2019

An effective prospecting plan


When looking for ways to increase your effectiveness, you probably have to deal with new theories or trends in the field of sales techniques. Their creators stubbornly preach about ‘the end of the cold call era’ or about ‘sales 4.0’. One thing remains unchanged - prospecting, or the art of acquiring new clients. The most common reason for the failure to sell is an empty sales funnel. That is why it’s...

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no. 7/2019

Results under control ‑ managing the sales funnel


Have you ever looked at your calendar with the feeling that you don’t know what to do and where you stand? If your boss asks you how much you’ll sell this month, do you just make up a number? Do you have the impression that your sales happen accidentally? Do you feel that you devote too much time to some clients, and that not much comes out of it? If you answered yes to these questions, don’t worry...

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no. 6/2019

How to bargain, or price negotiations in practice


The ability to negotiate the terms of business cooperation is one of the basic competencies necessary to build each salesperson’s effectiveness. Among the issues negotiated in all industries, the question of “most important” - and also “most difficult” - is, of course, the purchase/sale price. So how do you prepare for such situations?

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no. 5/2018

Clients with particular needs


A conscientious sales representative knows how to build relationships, meet customer needs and expectations, and conduct a benefit-based presentation. How can these structures of the sales process be built in contact with an unusual, sometimes difficult customer? How do you adapt yourself and the procedure to a customer with particular needs?

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no. 4/2018

Selling services effectively


In many ways, sales of services are different from product sales. When buying a service, the client pays for something intangible, for something they can’t touch, smell, or taste. That’s what makes clients less trusting, what makes it harder to sell services. There’s also an advantage - compared to products, it’s easier to match services to client needs, which increases the chance of a sale.

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no. 3/2018

Techniques for exerting influence in sales

The skillful use of influence exerting techniques not only allows for more and better sales, but also allows salespeople to recognize and respond to attempts at manipulation from the client. How can you ethically, morally, and effectively influence clients?
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no. 2/2018

Post‑purchase service: how to build client loyalty


Maintaining client loyalty is one of the primary challenges of modern companies. Competitors create state of the art centers aimed at streamlining company-client communication channels. On the one hand, this allows for reducing operational costs, while on the other hand it increases client satisfaction. What can a salesman do in this area?

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no. 1/2018

Difficult customer? Challenges and solutions


For one trader, a difficult customer is the one who does not know what to buy, for another trader – a demanding customer, asking a lot of questions, and yet for another one – a quarrelsome customer. How not to lose your head, find a solution and attract a customer to your website in such a situation?

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