Customer relationships


B2B customer journey

Until recently, the sales process gave direction to the salesperson’s actions and determined their effectiveness. Today, clients are taking control of the sales process, and at which stage the salesperson makes their appearance determines how great their influence will be. Understanding the client’s purchase path and matching the sales process to it provides a distinct competitive advantage and allows you to manage the sales funnel more efficiently.

Clients from around the world: Great Britain

Małgorzata Kluk   Sell it in English 5/2018 On-line only
About 20% of the 65 million people living in the United Kingdom are foreigners. Of course, these proportions are much higher in London and other major cities than in other areas. Shakespeare's homeland has been attracting citizens of other countries for years. What makes this place so attractive? The combination of tradition, history, and attachment to the monarchy, with innovation, a cosmopolitan environment, and a fast-paced lifestyle is a unique phenomenon on a global scale. It is extremely difficult to compare the culture of England to Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. This article aims to provide a general outline of British culture.

10 prospecting practices that discourage potential clients

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Prospecting - the process of finding potential clients - is one of the salesperson’s most difficult tasks. It often requires conversations with unpleasant clients, and involves refusal and rejection. Interestingly, the clients themselves don’t like it either. Why? Because they don’t like salespeople? Or perhaps because salespeople apply practices that discourage potential clients?

7 habits of a highly effective networker

More and more often, we hear that in order to achieve strong sales, we need to build a large and strong network of contacts - to have people whom we can call and who can call us if they need advice, information, recommendations, or just a push in the right direction. So how do we build contacts which will create the social capital from which we can reap some profit?

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B2B client loyalty

Getting a new client doesn’t mean they will stay with you forever. Holding the client using provisions in the sales agreement isn’t a good solution either. What can you do to ensure that the business relationship you’ve built lasts for a long time and allows you to build a healthy business based on predictable income?